its christmas on CP! i no i havent updated the site fer awhile but now i am. ok first of all in the party aunt arctic is here. she’ll be waddlin’ round CP fer awhile. while ya look for her u should try santas sleigh if  u finish it u win a prize(man i love prizes) u will win santas suit! and if ur not a mem then make sure to get the free item, santa hat.



Halloween party out early

 here is a picture of the cheats for the hunt 😉



Parties on CP

party year 1

party year 1

2nd year

2nd year

3rd year...

3rd year...







Tell everyone u no!!

plz tell everyone u no to come to my first ever CP partay and the best part is that its on the 4th anniversary party WOOT WOOT!!club-penguin-3rd-anniversary-01


The_Legend_of_Zelda_Twilight_PrincessLink rockz doesnt he?   He’s one of my favorite characters in video games plz post and tell me if u like him too.

My First CP Partay!!!! =)


When: October 24,2009   Where: Coffee Shop    Server: SnowBoard       Time: 12:00 pm PST   ( 3:00 pm my time )

When: October 24,2009 Where: Coffee Shop Server: SnowBoard Time: 1:00 PST ( 4:00 my time )

Cp cheats

hi im here to help with all your hacking, cheating, etc.   Ok today i will help with Club penguin cheats. the new year 4 party pin is in the boiler room.

and there are strange clouds coming to CP i bet it is for the halloween party on October 27 ,2009. Also there is a new treasure book. it has tons of cool new stuff. here are the cheats, on the sport page click on the biggest tree, on the mermaid page click on the fish, and the snowflake on the christmas page thats all i no so far so keep checking back to see if i have more info. Oh and i forgot, check back tommorrow for cheats on the year 4 anniversary party.